Shinji Ikari, the main character of Evangelion and of Shinji and Warhammer40K, is the pilot of Eva Unit 01, the Principio Eternus. He is the son of Yui and Gendo Ikari and the Third Child, upon whom both Gendo and SEELE place their hopes and prophecies. He also became the bearer of one of the two changes between canon and fan improvement when he discovered the Black Case of Warhammer.


In the canon series, Shinji Ikari is in the running for the whiniest character of any series, ever. His father deliberately abandoned him to lead a miserable childhood devoid of friends, caring relatives, or purpose in order to shape him to better fulfill the Dead Sea Scrolls prophecies. He is purposefully reclusive and afraid of human contact, and it is likely that his interactions with the other pilots, classmates, and co-workers at NERV are his first significant human contacts. The series ultimately delves into an exploration of his damaged psyche and his interactions with the similarly scarred personalities of those around him. It must be reiterated: Shinji is a wimp with no self-confidence or friends and only a limited love for the world or humanity.


In the improvement, Shinji discovers a sealed black briefcase when he nearly drowns. The briefcase contains Warhammer rulebooks and figurines. The discovery changes him in several main ways. First, he gains drive and motivation to learn and achieve in order to read the rulebooks in English. Second, he gains a closer relationship with his uncle, who is as interested in the game as he, and his aunt, who comes to understand Shinji better when he opens up more. Third, four figurines gain voices and represent different parts of his personality: Space Marine, a drive for perfection and protector of humanity; Warboss, a straightforward representation of basic drives and emotional force; Chaos Marine, constantly pressing him to seek power past his self-imposed limits; and Farseer, who teaches him patience, prescience and planning, and delights when he enters puberty. These four voices in his head guide him to being a badass bookworm magnificent bastard who knows no fear." The figures gain voices, guiding and nurturing him along his path. In the times he is under most duress, the four even gain physical form and have on at least one occasion defended him against an Angel.

In contrast to his Canon self, who has neither the means nor even the motivation to do anything, warhammer Shinji becomes the next best thing to a young God-Emperor, becoming a symbol of hope to the world while earning the loyalty of those around him and subverting Gendo and SEELE's intentions to trigger the third impact. Everyone in a ten foot radius of him, including his classmates, takes at least one level in badass due to inspiration or his direct influence. His reputation and actions also gathers several characters who would have remained outside of Canon (or dead within it), including Mana Kirishima and Yang Wen-li. A harem begins forming around him, to his great discomfort and the unending glee of the Farseer. Out of the three pilots, Shinji is known as having a very erratic sync ratio and significantly greater creativity with his AT Field, to the great displeasure and headaches of Ritsuko Akagi.

Shinji eventually gains the following:

  • A worldwide youth movement, Da Boyz, self-sufficient but nonetheless loyal to Da Boss
  • An Imperial Improvisational Guard Regiment, complete with Leman Le'man Russ tanks and Basilisk Artillery
  • His own regiment of Grey Knights
  • The world's help in gathering Psykers and loading them on the Black Ships to sent to Tokyo-3
  • A force of Macedonian Mercenary Terminators
  • NNHIS, pronounced "In His," a machine-spirit worshipping weapons manufacturer which asks for Mars
  • Provoking undying loyalty in half of humanity and crippling fear in the other half
  • The ability to crack the planet in half with his mind

Despite being a vastly superior being to his Canon counterpart, Shinji is challenged with several much more significant foes and ethical dilemmas than his canon counterpart. In particular, the Angels seem to have significantly more powerful (presumably because they felt sorry for Canon Shinji and decided to go easy on him). He also encounters superpowered Tibetan Monks, zombies, and a significantly more active Kaworu Nagisa.