Asuka Langley-Soryu is the pilot of Unit 02, a Japanese-German who was raised to be superior from before birth. Her mother, one of the three geniuses behind the EVA (and the second impact) was artificially inseminated with superior DNA and the result was crossed with Angel DNA, producing the prodigy Asuka with, the best Humanity could create and approximately a tenth of Angel. This caused significant issues in her childhood as everyone expected her to be perfect, including her Mother, who always intended to use her to prove her superiority against the other two scientists. Her mother eventually destroyed her own mind, leaving Asuka alone with a mother who did not recognize her own daughter just as Asuka became the Second Child.

Differences between Canon and WarhammerEdit

Asuka is initially similar to Canon when she arrives, personally inadvertently destroying a significant portion of the UN Fleet during the angel attack. She is obsessed with pride and with being the best. This changes not due to Shinji, whom Asuka regards as a rival and a threat, but due to a romantic relationship with Kaworu Nagisa. He tells her about the Greater Good and later convinces her that she is the only one worthy of carrying it out. Following this, Asuka becomes a team player and willing to step into her role as team leader despite the potentially greater power of Shinji Ikari and the secrets that she knows he is keeping from her.

Asuka, similar to Rei, is very possessive of Shinji, though there is a continuous undercurrent of anger between the two of them as Shinji never fully trusts Asuka and she knows he is keeping secrets from her, presumably including the true purpose of NERV. She is also in a romantic relationship with Nagisa and they care for each other despite being on opposite sides of the Angel War and ultimately pledging to kill the other, at which point her relationship with Shinji deepens. She has a rivalry with Rei, who seems to go out of her way to infuriate Asuka, and Mana Kirishima, as the two can never seem to get along. She kisses Shinji in a scene which implies, out of absolutely nowhere , that she and Rei have both kissed Shinji several times (and possibly in relatively quick succession).


Asuka, despite being part Angel, never gains control over her powers similar to Rei or psychic powers similar to Shinji. She is relatively weak outside of her Eva, but is extremely powerful inside it. Asuka is strong and relies on close combat more than her AT Field, though she does eventually gain significant control over her AT Field to the point of being able to redirect a pointblank nuclear detonation. In true Germanic tradition, she is a berserker. NNHIS ultimately gives her specialized Titan Modules aiding her in close combat and a chainaxe.